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Welcome To The iCBeducator 

The iCBeducator is a revolutionary, debt-free global entity focused on delivering real and significant value to clients looking to Intelligently Engage with various financial market asset classes.

We are the result of a desperately needed ethical, legal and compliance-based evolution of companies in the Financial Market Engagement space.

iCBeducator Partnered with a wholesale provider of financial market-based educational information, facilitated through its cutting-edge software, that puts the client in complete control.

Global Financial Markets Are Essentially Driven By Mathematics.

Our mission is for our clients worldwide to be able to leverage cutting edge educational technology to increase their performance and manage their risk.

First Wealth Redistribution Business Model Of Its Kind
Financial Industry Category Creator
Breakthrough New In-House Catalyst.DC Software
iCBeducator finally solves many of the industry’s most challenging issues. This cloud based, decentralized software platform provides the client with everything they need to intelligently navigate today’s fast moving markets, while keeping them in complete and sole control of all activity that happens in their own account.

You can On-board in 2 mins or less
Ease of execution. Client remains in control of how to engage with the information
Our Algorithm delivers market information right into your brokerage account through our Catalyst.DC Software

iCBeducator Strategies

We’re all about helping your money work for you. Our find, grow and keep strategies will put you on the path to financial independence and sustainable success.

Find money you don’t have
Grow your own wealth
Keep what you earn
iCBeducator’s PROVEN MODEL

iCBeducator has created the best possible combination for success in financial education. Our Leadership Team sees the bigger vision and have collaborated with some of the best minds in the world to help you navigate your way to financial success.


I am totally amazed with the services that iCBeducator offers. The results I have experienced are absolutely amazing, as my account has doubled using iCBeducator's educational products. I am sharing this with my friends and family as another vehicle they can use to improve their financial portfolio. iCBeducator's low draw down and profitability is what will certainly have them become a leader in this market.

Armen Hamalian

During my first partial month with iCBeducator, I was able to see a 50% increase. I am very excited about the future possibilities. I am also impressed with the top-notch customer service.

Gia Brinson

Only just become a member of iCBeducator, based on results from last year. Just a few days into 2019 and living up to all my expectations. So glad I made the right decision. Really pleased my friend introduced me to iCBeducator. Very impressed so far. Already into profit in just a few days! Exciting future.

Nick Wood

As a seasoned businessman I was delighted to find and join iCBeducator! The range of products are simply brilliant for the experienced and novice person in the trading arena. The corporate team at Dentalium have been very professional and helpful and we as a family feel very comfortable investing our trust in them.

Kevin Wilkes

I love the fact that the iCBeducator shows you how to be in control of your funds at all time. And at the same time, with their Catalyst.DC software, you can have access to "Top Market Strategists" to help you achieve your financial goals. I would highly recommend you check out the iCBeducator.

Tak Mano


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The global financial markets; Equities, Options, Commodities, Futures, Forex and Crypto Currency markets carry a high level of risk that may not be suitable for everyone. Leveraged market positions in particular create additional risk and potential loss exposure. Before you decide to engage further with this website and/or its products and services, please educate yourself and then carefully consider your objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your capital. Do not engage with funds that you cannot afford to lose. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. There are many risk factors such as significant volatility, execution slippage, human errors, brokerage/exchange execution and connection issues, software accuracy and functionality issues, outside hacking, internet connection and/or latency issues etc., as well as other potentially known or unknown variables that can have a significant impact on overall performance. Further, I understand and acknowledge that through the Catalyst.DC educational software platform, I will be sent ongoing market information. I realize that after I receive this information, I will then be in full control and direction of how I choose to make use of it. I also understand that I alone am the final arbiter of any activity that happens in my account. Without my explicit and pre-approved execution and risk settings/parameters in place, no execution activity will happen in my account. I also understand that through the Catalyst. Dc software, I’m in complete control of this platform. Furthermore, I understand that it is not a ‘hands free’ or ‘automated’ platform. There will be certain duties that I will likely have to perform, to achieve my desired results. Furthermore, I fully indemnify iClub BIZ, and accept as my sole responsibility, for any losses or gains that may occur due to the use of any software or information from the iCBeducator website and/or through the Catalyst. Dc software.

See Expanded Disclaimer

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