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Al Green, President & Founder

Al Green has been an entrepreneur, financial trader and global sales leader for the last 30 years. He first began trading and investing in Stocks in 1999, Foreign Exchange in 2004, Futures in 2006, and Cryptocurrencies in 2016.

He holds one of the top client trading records in the world, in regards to an account’s return-to-drawdown ratio. He did this his first year trading for clients as a U.S. Commodity Trading Advisor in the Dow Futures in ’07 & ’08.

Hector Rosario, CEO & Founder

Mr. Rosario has a wealth of knowledge and over 25 years experience within the business world. He has been involved in many facets of building large and successful companies to business consulting, and has held many Senior Executive Positions in his career.

Hector brings strong communication and relationship building skills to ensure Dentalium is a successful brand in the market place.

Mitchell Rabin, VP Of Non-Profit Division

Mitchell Rabin is the founder, president and CEO of A Better World Foundation, a non-profit organization which uses media, education, communications and social enterprise with the mission to create leaders for a healthier, happier, sustainable, prosperous and just society across the planet.
Mitchell is a holistic, systems creative thinker and passionate entrepreneur who for decades has brought these passions together.

Jeff Evers, VP Sales

Jeff Evers has over 4 decades of experience in owning and running companies. His expertise lies in the area of market penetration through strategic alliances. Jeff’s unique qualifications in the area of accounting, sales & marketing and administration brings a lot of value to Dentalium.

Christopher Vivace, COO

Christopher has over 17 years of strong experience in building successful small and medium size businesses to help them thrive in the current market place. With his proven track record he brings a high level of integrity and is very compliant focused.

Christopher is also an energetic facilitator and is very attuned to how a company should be structured in todays business world.

Mary K, VP of Business Development

Mary K has an impressive 30-year relationship with Direct Sales Companies. Her multi-faceted experience allows her to see forward, co- designing cutting edge Online and off-line business models.

Mary K’s love for her five children and ten grandchildren extends to each person in her Network. Much of her success can be directly contributed to her value focused approach to life and business.

Synitra Trinity, Corporate Trainer

A professional with strong verbal and written communications skills, she is adept at maintaining good judgement and decision making abilities.

She has a proven ability to establish rapport with clients and exceed business goals. Synitra is reliable, driven self-starter, objectively-focused, and she brings strong time management and problem solving abilities.

Ron Gene, VP of International Expansion

Global Business Man Ron Gene Ottaviano has served on several Boards with Technology Companies both as a Staff Member and Business Consultant, lending his expertise with a background in Financing, and Business Marketing Solutions.

Heading up our East Coast Educational and Training Center and VP of our International Expansion Team.

Jude LaCour, Director of Marketing

Jude LaCour has been deeply involved in e-commerce and business development for many years.

He created a Telemedicine platform in 2000 before Telemedicine was even on the map.

Jude’s main purpose is to help others create success in their life both personally and professionally.

Mark Hamlin, Educational Trainer

As a long time entrepreneur, Mark has both owned and managed multiple businesses, and has been in the direct selling space for over 9 years. He has assisted well over 200,000 people to succeed in their own careers.

Mark is also an accomplished speaker, who enjoys helping people create win win solutions.

James Marshall, Consultant

Jim has over 20 years of expertise in the sales industry, and has played a key role in the structure and development of over 4 major companies.

Jim is very excited to now be working with Dentalium Capital, to help bring their exemplary financial service products to the world.


Alan B Millard, General Manager

Alan B Millard is a support specialist with over 20 years of experience helping customers and businesses thrive.

Alan approaches everything he does with both passion and integrity, while keeping the company’s best interests in mind.

Bill Sweeney, Sales Executive

Bill brings 46 years of executive leadership experience to our Dentalium Capital.

His passion is to build a step by step approach to Wealth Building. He looks forward to serving on the Dentalium Capital corporate team.

Albert Torres, Sales Executive

Albert Torres has been involved in the Direct Sales industry for almost 10yrs. He has been very successful and both mentoring and supporting team growth.

Hes is passionate about helping people to engage with quality financial products to transform their own economic lives.

Davonne Mobley, Sales Executive

Davonne Mobley’s knowledge and skills sets range from computer programming, logistics, telecommunications, business management, and building business credit and shelf Corp funding.

Davonne greatest asset is his strong relationships in the sports and entertainment industry building analytical asset protection.

Leonard M. Brooks

Leonard M. Brooks is a long entrepreneur and Pastor in the city of Charlotte, NC. He is a charismatic and effective public speaker.Leonard’s various life experiences and gifts have exposed him to an extensive network of churches and businesses to whom he has provided financing options to support sustainability programs.

Clyde Richardson, Sales Executive

Clyde is well known as one of the top presenters and trainers in the direct sales industry.

He has earned numerous credentials and received many awards of recognition throughout his career, and is excited to bring that expertise to Dentalium Capital.


The Foreign Exchange & Options markets carry a high level of risk that may not be suitable for everyone. Leveraged trading in particular creates additional risk and potential loss exposure. Before you decide to trade or engage, educate yourself and carefully consider your objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your capital; do not place funds that you cannot afford to lose. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. There are many independent risk factors such as trader ability, brokerage execution, internet connections and speeds etc. that can have a significant impact on overall results.
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