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Equities Navigator was created in order for you to receive information from us so that you can position yourself in the equities market.

Trade in equity markets means the transfer (in exchange for money) of a stock or security from a seller to a buyer. A potential buyer bids a specific price for a stock, and a potential seller asks a specific price for the same stock.

Equities Navigator will provide you information on various equities you may want to buy or sell for yourself.

Click below if you’d like to get an IBO number so you can get updates on the Equities Navigator and have an opportunity to be one of the first people to be on it!


iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC software is a cloud based, decentralized software platform that provides you with everything you need to intelligently navigate today’s fast-moving markets, while keeping you in complete and sole control of any and all activity that happens in your account.

This world’s first educational software platform delivers timely and actionable market information from “Top Tier” Market Strategists across multiple asset classes… directly to you… through iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC software.

And the iCBeducator shows you how to setup the Catalyst.DC software so that when the actionable market information is delivered to you from our “Top Tier” Market Strategists, your account is setup with pre-sanctioned execution and risk parameters that you already have in place. So the execution can happen instantly.

And… the Catalyst.DC software gives you full and complete control over your own account. You alone control your account funds. No activity can happen in your account without your explicit pre-approval and consent.

Through the Catalyst.DC software you can close all open positions, close out individual positions, choose which instruments you want or don’t want, and adjust your risk settings and more…

The true beauty of this software is that it puts control back in your hands. It becomes a comprehensive platform which combines… the top market information in the world…, with Catalyst.DC’s breakthrough software… which ultimately delivers a much easier, more focused, and less time-consuming way for you to engage.

To sum it up… the iCBeducator is giving you access to “Top Tier” Market Strategists who would provide you with actionable market information and then you can use the Catalyst.DC software to execute that information in your own brokerage or exchange accounts with your pre-sanctioned execution and risk parameters already in place.

After you wrap my head around this… The only thing you need to see is… the results of these “Top Tier” Market Strategists. Because… if they really could provide… credible…, actionable market information… How could you say no to this?

And since the iCBeducator knows transparent risk disclosures and historical performance history are very important to intelligent decision making, we’ve setup a Performance tab on our website, so you’ll be able to see the live performance feeds from these “Top Tier” Market Strategists.

And we also allow you to watch the “Top Tier” Market Strategist trade in real time too.

CLICK HERE to register to attend a Live Class or you can watch a recorded session below.

And after you’ve convinced yourself that iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software offers a solid value by checking out the live performance feeds and attending a live class, you can click below to get your monthly subscription setup for iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software. It’s just that simple.

The good news is… there’s no long-term commitments with the iCBeducator. We earn your business the way a company should, by our monthly performance. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time from your back office with a click of a button. But we believe… once you get the iCBeducator setup and working… you’ll want to keep the iCBeducator working for you… for years to come.

When we initially put the Catalyst.DC Software together, we wanted to price it at a level where (based on historical results), our customers couple recoup their monthly subscription in a day or two of trading. And with that as a foundation, we were looking at rolling out the Catalyst.DC Software with a recommended $50,000 account and a price of $2,500/mo. And we could have priced it more and it still it would have been a great deal.

But we knew if we required a $50,000 minimum account balance, the masses of the marketplace would not be able to participate. So, here is what we did…

We set up iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software so you can fund it with as little as $5,000 in your account and if that is a still little too much for you, you can also fund your brokerage account with your 401K or your IRA too.

So, iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software if structured so almost everyone can participate.

And as far as the monthly subscription, we were going to price it at $500/mo because the historical results showed us that would be a fair price for a $5,000 account.

But we decided to price it at level where everyone can afford it.

You’ll get iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software for only $250/mo.

And like I said earlier, if we can’t produce for you, you can cancel it with a click of a button in your back office.

So, if you have the recommend amount of $5,000 and you’d like to see what can happen utilizing iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software, go ahead and click the “Setup My Account Now Button” and let’s see what can happen.

After you get setup with iCBeducator’s Catalyst.DC Software we’ll walk you through everything from A to Z.

Go ahead and click the “Purchase The Equities Navigator” button now, you’ll be glad you did.

But wait!

And for a limited time, you can lock-in your monthly subscription for only $199.95. This promo offer will end without notice. Don’t miss this opportunity to save $300 per year.

Recording Live Trading

As you watch this “Top Tier” Market Strategist you’ll notice he is right 85% of the time.

And when he isn’t right right, hex fixes the trade, so he doesn’t lose on those trades either.

It is amazing to watch.


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The Equities, Options, Commodities, and Crypto Currency markets carry a high level of risk that may not be suitable for everyone. Leveraged market positions in particular create additional risk and potential loss exposure. Before you decide to engage further with this website and its products and services, please educate yourself and then carefully consider your objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your capital. Do not place funds that you cannot afford to lose. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. I understand there are many risk factors such as significant volatility, execution slippage, human errors, brokerage/exchange execution and connection issues, key software accuracy and functionality issues, potential hacking, internet connection and/or latency issues etc., as well as other potentially unknown variables that can have a significant impact on overall results.

See Expanded Disclaimer

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